October 22nd, 2017

I'm Back, Baby!

I'm back, and you can blame Tumblr!
After animating gestures and emotions for (3) days, I decided "hey let's make a shoddy stick figure animation," which, of course, led me to think "hey let's make the conclusion of chapter 5 of AbGeo a shoddy stick figure test animation!"
And so I am back. And I'm READY to tackle chapter 6 head on. But in a little while.
There's no way I'm going back to the Wednesday-Sunday schedule yet, but at some point, when I have a buffer up, I'll be ready.
When that's done, I'll put up another news post, and this comic will be up and running again.
I wonder how many people actually read these news posts. Hmm. Oh well.
Anyways here's the conclusion of chapter 5: https://mckee11223.tumblr.com/post/166676927438/so-heres-my-attempt-at-animating-something-with-a
And here's the new Tumblr! I've got a "few" animations up there already, so take a look! [url]mckee11223.tumblr.com[/url]
~Peace out! mckee11223 @ http://www.abnormalgeometry.smackjeeves.com

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