May 7th, 2017

Topwebcomics Voting Incentives!

Wow! Okay. Another fan. I am not prepared to deal with this much love. Um. Okay.
So, uh, I guess a thing's going to come up? In honour of my fans (I love you all and you're awesome), I'm going to start drawing up Topwebcomics voting incentives!
Topwebcomics is a site that ranks webcomics based on how many votes they get each month. Incentives are pieces of artwork, off-topic comic strips, AUs (alternate, non-canon universes), one-shots, and much more that creators can post to their comics on that site. When you vote for the comic, you'll be rewarded with the current incentive!
I currently have the incentives as a Patreon goal, but hey! If I can get 5 comments, just 5 at the end of this news post, I'll launch weekly incentives that Patreons (I still have none) will be able to see at the end of the month. I swear this isn't for the monetized value. I just really like drawing off-topic strips that don't fit into the current narrative, and I can't think of another place to put them.
What are you waiting for, fans and guests? Anyone can comment! Anyone can vote! Let's go and unlock incentives!
Peace out! ~mckee11223 @

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