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After a devastating disaster, sisters Bobbi and Poppy find themselves stuck in a world where everything is made of shapes - Abnormality. Follow them and their friends, new and old, as they live their fantastic, mysterious, and action-packed slice-of-life journey on their way back to the real world. Updates Wednesdays and Sundays.


September 7th, 2017


Well. There you have it, folks. I've missed two updates in a row. I think it's time to put the stylus and drawing tablet away and just... rest for a bit.
It's been great, everyone. I've loved the characters and world of Abnormal Geometry, and trying out new styles and speech bubbles and art programs and poses and, well, basically, this comic sincerely turned into a "stick figure test comic" as I so affectionately dub it. I've been able to try out a bunch of new things here, and of course, this will always be my first comic.
The thing is, I've sort of run out of time, buffer, and motivation. I had all these great things ready to introduce, plot points and characters I was looking forward to... Sigh. Oh well. In hindsight, none of this was very well written or thought out. Oh well. That's what I get for writing and drawing every page 20 minutes before it's supposed to be posted.
So what I'm saying is... I'm going on hiatus. Indefinitely. Consider 5.17 the last page of chapter 5. Consider this story done in its entirety at this point, actually. If I ever actually pick this up, the setting and characters will seem so drastically different it will seem like a reboot.
And, nine months and seven days after Abnormal Geometry began, it ends.
Sort of.
I mean, it's only a hiatus!
~Peace out! mckee11223 @www.abnormalgeometry.smackjeeves.com

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